Government: Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Government In Indonesia

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In order to form a state in accordance with the wishes of the people, needed a political system. There are some political systems, such as democracy, monarchy or kingdom and caliphate. However every system has the consequence each of which must be considered when a country implementing such systems.
In the Bulletin article Dakwah al-Islam (25/1 2013) are posted in kompasiana (4/12 2013): "Be ready in 2013 could be the year that is very rowdy, and hopefully not be in a very chaotic. In fact, during this election produces more corrupt rulers and ignore the interests of the people. Until when people continue to be used as the object and the target of the rulers?. Central and local rulers who trust and care about the interests of the people only if the ruler was taqwa and take the lead in a good and fair system that is Syarah Muslim in the frame Khilafah Rashidah ".
In the paragraphs above suggests two different systems that are compared, democratic Indonesia which are included in the system of regional autonomy, and caliphate system is often touted by fundamentalist organizations such as Hizbut-Tahrir Indonesia (HTI). Democracy with direct election system has its advantages and disadvantages. Those advantages are the people began to be aware and able to participate on their role in determining who will lead them. The disadvantage is the cost of politics is too expensive and the amount of money politics everywhere. On the other hand the caliphate system offered by the
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