Government And Local Government

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The Legislature: Government at every level has three arms or divisions, namely legislative, executive and judicial. The legislature is made up of members who are elected by the people. They make the laws that govern the people. The legislature at the federal level has two chambers or houses. These are the Senate and the House of Representatives. The Senate is made up of three Senators from each of the thirty-six states and one Senator from the Federal Capital Territory – of Abuja. On the other hand, the House of Representatives is elected on the basis of population and not the equality of states. The two Houses at the Federal level constitute the National Assembly. At the state level the legislature has only one chamber i.e. it is unicameral. Members of the State Houses of Assembly are elected from constituencies that are more or less equal. The State legislatures make laws for the governance of the state. At the local level, the Councilors constitute the legislature. Each local government is divided into wards. Each ward elects a Councilor. The legislature at the local level makes byelaws for the governance of the local government area. The Executive: This is the arm of government that executes the laws made by the legislature. It is also responsible for general administration at the federal level. The President heads the Executive at the federal level. The Vice President, Ministers, personal assistants and special advisers assist the President. The President, the Vice

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