Government Bureaucracy

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Question 1: In the government, government bureaucrat is the person who is working in the government to keep the law consistency and also help the government to reduce the workload. Even though the executive branch controls the majority of the federal bureaucracy, but the Congress and the courts also have some influences to the federal bureaucracy, and they also have their own bureaucracy. The government bureaucracy represents a very important role in the government because after the government makes the decision, there must be a group to do and operate those works and decisions. Therefore, the Government bureaucracy is divided into three types: Cabinet Departments, Independent Agencies, and Government Corporations. Firstly, the Cabinet department…show more content…
In my point of view, restriction of free thought and free speech is good and bad. Why there must be restrictions on freedom of speech and press even though the first Amendment supports the freedom of speech? Somehow, in some scenarios, the restrictions of speech must be applied. For example, while Trump is talking in his president campaign, in the crowd there is someone keeps yelling: “I am carrying a bomb with me”. In that case, this can be considered life threatening to a person or a group, and this person should be arrested because of the threatening. Therefore, the freedom of speech should be restricted in some ways. For instance, the government groups all the people who are in the Osama Bin Laden case, and they announce and plan all the strategies to arrest Osama Bin Laden. Those people who are attended to the group or the meeting should keep the information in the top priority secret in their list, and the restrictions of freedom of speech will take place here. They are obligated to keep the operation as a secret and cannot be revealed until the operation is taken place. Therefore, restriction of freedom of speech is necessary in some situations. However, if there are too many restrictions on freedom of speech, it would violate the 1st Amendment of the United…show more content…
However, it does not mean that the government cannot control the media, because media is a public good. For this reason, the government has the power to regulate the social media. Opinion leaders and mass media have a big influence on molding to the public intention, because they provide the information, knowledge, and news to the public. However, the media is also bias. There are many social medias talk about one issue, but each media has different interpretation about the issue. Some medias protect and support that issue, but some others just want to ban it. Like Fox News, they supported Trump for the 45th president of the United States. In the other hand, CNN supported Hillary for the president. Public opinion can also impact on government policy. Government is the representative of the people in the country. Therefore, if the people in the country complain too much about a policy or a law, the government should consider about the
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