Government Censorship In Fahrenheit 451 By Rad Bradbury

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The idea of government censorship is not a new one. Governments use censorship to gain and keep power. Rad Bradbury’s novel Fahrenheit 451 depicts the way governments use censorship as a tool to control their citizens and gain the power that they desire. Censoring ways to gain knowledge stops people from wanting to think for themselves and from challenging different points of view. They stop the desire to learn by censoring the tools they use to do just that such as books, news, entertainment, the internet, and even communication. Literature is an incredible tool that can take people to so many places and give them so many ideas. That’s why so many governments censor literature so that their citizens aren’t able to think for their self and oppose other ways of thinking. In history there are many instances that governments censor literature out of fear. One of the most remarkable ones would be making it illegal for someone to even learn how to read. In 1740 South Carolina became one of the first states to prohibit teaching a slave to read or write (Slavery and the making of America). This is extremely similar to the main plot of Fahrenheit 451. Equally important they make it illegal and are even willing to kill to stop them from trying to expand their education and knowledge. Media has so many uses. It has the ability to persuade a way a person thinks it has also the ability to change the information to help anyone’s cause. During World War II the British government fears
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