Government Censorship In Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

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Governments like to be in command and supervise its citizens. With that, there are always some citizens that will rebel over the people in charge. People will rebel because they gain much knowledge from literature, news media, entertainment, and presently, the internet that contradicts the government. The government is intelligent because it has the power to change what the people look at to make them dense and without an opinion of what the government says. Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury shows an accurate representation of what the government does to its people. Governments from all over the world take part of censorship because they want to keep the people from explicit content to protect them. However, the government can be excessive in censorship and not tell its citizens enough content that they are left to wonder. Ultimately, the government sabotages any concept that conflicts with its own and the control of the people. First, in Fahrenheit 451 the government censors different forms of literature. For example one form of literature that the government censors is The Bible. In Fahrenheit 451 the mention of The Bible startles the characters. This also relates to when Pope Paul IV starts the Sacred Inquisition in the name of the Roman Catholic Church. Tisdel states that Pope Paul IV orders the first Index of Prohibited Books that guardians enforce as the Sacred Inquisition, which bans and burns books and sometimes the authors too (1). This then brings fear into the

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