20th Century Russia Government

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Russia is one of the largest countries in the entire world. Russia is made up of 142,355,415 people, and the landmass itself is 17,098,242 square kilometers (Russia). This is one of the biggest nations existing today. It is located in Asia and has been through major government changes in the 20th century. Throughout its history, this country’s government has had three major government changes each with an obvious significance. In the early 20th century Vladimir Lenin and the Bolsheviks were the first to introduce the political theory known as communism. Later on, the the Bolsheviks and Lenin were transformed into the into the Soviet Union which was Russia’s reigning government for almost seventy years until 1991. The last major government…show more content…
The President of Russia has a six year term and. Can have two terms consecutively (What Type of Government). The President is also the commander in chief of the military. The President has the power to decline any laws passed along by the legislative branch, similar to the United States government in place (What Type of Government). Not only can the president decline laws, but they can also create laws without the approval of other government bodies (What Type of Government). The Executive branch a Cabinet which is made up of a prime minister, deputy prime ministers, and federal ministers (What Type of Government). The Executive branch creates the laws that the President will later sign or veto (What Type of Government). The Legislative branch is made up of a Federation Council and a State Duma, and with these two groups they run the legislative branch (What Type of Government). The Federation Council takes care of federal subjects as well as taking care of the political divisions of the country, they also pass legislation that has been approved (What Type of Government). The State Duma has the power to override veto made by the Federation Council as well as put up new law proposals (What Type of Government). The Judicial branch makes sure that the laws of the country are somewhat constitutional (What Type of Government). There is not just one form of the Judicial branch, there are three. General jurisdiction are the lower, middle and supreme courts. The Arbitration court is for commercial and property problems between people. The Supreme Court is for interpreting laws and making sure they are upheld (What Type of
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