Government Control In Fahrenheit 451

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(MIP) Within a society where the government has control over everything, a meme like this was used to induce fear and convince the society that listening to the government and abolishing books is the only way to save themselves. (Sip) This meme and this government use appeals and methods of persuasion to scare the society into obeying this meme. (Stewe) The society in Fahrenheit 451 is one where the government has the ability to manipulate everything, even subconscious tendencies and emotions. The message that books are something to fear is widespread, as widespread as the technology that consumes every member of the society. It is being put out by the government, appealing to the society by giving themselves the authority over how the society …show more content…

He could hear her breathing rapidly and her face was paled out and her eyes were fastened wide” (Bradbury 63). Millie can not control the immense dominating fear that has been programmed into her as if she were a machine. The government uses pathos time and time again finding what every emotions they can to manipulate and preserve. (Stewe) The control over people's emotions as a force of persuasion aides the government, it protects it. They scare the society into being concerned about books and then suddenly the government is not to blame for it’s problems. Beyond that, it takes the blame off human nature. They scare the society and then tell them that books are the villain, books are the cause for every problem, every war, every disaster. Suddenly, they have to exert less effort to prevent people from reading. Montag’s journey is building up an immunity to this, he stops listening to what he is being told to listen to, and listens to himself. When Montag reads a poem, he brings a pawn of society to tears and the blame goes right to those books that they supposed to blame for human …show more content…

“Surely you remember the boy in your own school class who was exceptionally ‘bright,’ did most of the reciting and answering while the others sat like so many leaden idols, hating him” (Bradbury 55). From childhood, they condition the society to believe that intelligence is the cause of their problems. They are taught to jump to the conclusions without reasoning. The society believes that books and readers are a bigger enemy and villain, than those who are actually in that war, murdering, or even those who blow up the city in the end. They are given a place for the blame, which lets them contently and naively die, yet die just the same. They do not stop, they do not think, they do not slow down. (Stewe) A Logical Fallacy is not just a way to convince someone of something, it is the blatant distortion of truth. Beatty proves that this idea of books causing everything is a hypocritical lie through his constant display of literary knowledge. Beatty has knowledge that a person that follows the rules of the society could not

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