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How Corrupt Governments Affect Their Citizens The fundamental purpose of the establishment of democracy was to create a fair and just ruling for all citizens. However, in many nations around the world, corruption has seeped through and infiltrated the workings of the government. Countries such as, North Korea, Sudan, and Somalia are filled illegal acts that facilitate lawless societies, restrict their economic growth, and create strife among citizens. North Korean citizens live under totalitarian control with restricted freedom and lack of expression. While in Sudan and Somalia, a lack of unbiased guidelines gives corrupt individuals the freedom to misuse their power. In North Korea, many of their citizens are denied their fundamental rights, they have no freedom, and many economic hardships. The concept of rights fails to exist as they have no freedom of movement, speech, information, and religion. Moreover, in North Korea, “the only opinion allowed to be voiced inside the country is the regime’s,” and no citizen is allowed “to leave their country without the regime’s permission." The regime goes as far as attempting “to restrict the people’s movement even inside their own country” (Liberty in North Korea, 2016). Many of these restrictions cause the citizens to become isolated from the rest of the world. North Korea forbids their citizens to make contact with and know about the outside world as they do not want their citizens to have any reason or means to rebel after

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