Government Corruption In America

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Government corruption is one of the most terrifying and the biggest dilemmas that the united states has at the moment and many people are blind to it. These problems could not only hurt the united states, but it could also hurt civilian’s personally. People need to be aware that these outrageous situations such as war crimes, money perks, and also National Security Agency (NSA). These absurd situations haven’t only been going on recently, but they have actually been going on for many years. For instance, war crimes have dated back all the way till the 9/11 terror attacks. Money perks, have always controlled the united states government and the people who lived in the U.S. Since as far back as I could remember, and it still does. The NSA is…show more content…
This has been one of the most tragic wars up to date. Some follow the happenings of this war, but do the people really know what 's going on? The Iraq war was a crime, George W. bush and Donald Rumsfeld lied to the united nations and the rest of the world for many years and the media. For example, Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction and he nothing to do with Al-Qaeda. Though the Bush government told the media false information for cover-ups to protect himself in the corrupt acts that were happening during the war. Though we know our “friends” the Saudi Arabians financed the 9/11 attacks for the Iraqis, but because of their rich oil we don’t do nothing against them. Instead we send soldiers to die in country’s that have nothing to do with domestic terror attacks. Ever since Obama has come into office, he has not carried out any actions that he had promised during his campaign. Why didn’t Obama file charges against the Bush government?Bush cost the taxpayers hundreds and billions of dollars and committed war crimes. Obama also promised the closing of the Guantanamo Bay detention center. The Washington post wrote an article on their own theory and they said “it might be the inability of the White House, Congress and foreign governments to come to an agreement about where to put the detainees”. The question for Americans is, Why didn’t he close Guantanamo Bay when he doesn’t have charges, evidence, proof or court cases for over 13 years now. Obama did not veto the detainee prevision and the national defense authorization act which codifies the indefinite detention of people including Americans without trial. Each detainee can leave through one of four different routes: a civilian trial, a military tribunal, a foreign country 's prison system or freedom. Though Obama has not given these detainees, these options. It is a violation of international law, a violation of Magna Carta that goes back
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