Government Corruption In Nigeria

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I have tried so hard to stay behind the scene and just watch all the drama about how people we voted into power loot and mismanage the country resources, I tried to figure out what on earth could these individuals who stole and turn the wealth of a total nation into their personal inheritance that has to be shared amongst them, I kept wondering what was running through their mind. But I found no answers to my questions. In the history of Nigeria there has never been and Nigeria has never experienced any act of corruption at this level, where the lives of people matters no more to our leaders whom were supposed to be the good Shepard to the citizens. I finally concluded that the immediate past government ruin the future of our country without considering what happens to the majority or even the later generations.
My observation and findings reveals that corruption was perpetrated with impunity with little or no effort at bringing the perpetrators to justice during ex-President Good luck Jonathan administration, He lacks the power of organization, and is conspicuously deficient in the management and control alike of men or business and economic. His government loves the display of power, but fails to realize its responsibility.
Despite the establishment of the anti-graft commissions by the Obasanjo Administration, corruption has continued to escalate like wildfire and very few people have been
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