Government Corruption In The Film 'The Hunger Games'

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The Hunger Games was a film that told a story of a teenage girl struggling to fight for not only her life, but also the nation’s freedom. This story examines government corruption and gruesome entertainment provided at the expense of human life. Set in a post-apocalyptic world before the second rebellion, Panem was created and divided into twelve districts led by President Snow led under an authoritarian-totalitarian dictatorship.

The story of Katniss Everdeen is an example of the creation of a new world, initially she struggles against the other tributes in the game struggling to fight for her life. She comes to represent hope for the other districts of Panem, and her story becomes one that gains attention from both the government and President Snow the leader of Both the capitol and all of Panem itself. In the beginning Katniss does not want to become this symbol of hope, but when her sister was chosen at the reaping she had no other choice but to save her sister. After a series of trials, she gradually accepts her role in the games and quickly becomes loved by all of Panem. Her journey to become a hero follows a trend that is best represented when applied to Josephs Campbell’s Monomyth template. Throughout the course of this
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12 individuals are chosen to be sent to the capital to fight to the death in order for one victor to become victorious over all others. This is a symbol of the first rebellion and shows the districts no one can defy the capitol. Katniss is called to action when her younger sister Primrose was chosen by Effie trinket to be a victor for the games and Katniss stepped into to volunteer as tribute to ensure the safety of her sister’s life. Katniss quickly was taken by government officials and brought into an office where she is to be transferred to the Capitol in order to get ready for the

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