Government Debt Thesis Statement

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Cut! Cut! Cut! Topic: Government Spending/US Debt Thesis Statement Do you know what the biggest problem today 's is in the U.S.? The problem is that the government is spending way too much money, which is causing the US debt is continue to rise. This problem must be solved as soon as possible. To solve this, we must cut government spending by eliminating all department that are receiving money that are not effective. Anyone and everyone that lives in the U.S. should be concerned, worried and, more aware.The more aware of the issue people in the country the more they are willing to force our national government to make changes to reduce the country 's spending and debt. Intorduction What if there was less government programs that you…show more content…
National Debt Clock, the current amount of debt the United States is in is over 19 trillion dollars. One of the ways the government plans on paying off some of that debt and by having the money to spend on mandatory and nonmandatory necessities this year is by borrowing money. This will only cause the debt to get bigger and bigger because they will be borrowing more money than what will be paid off. The effects of the government spending money it does not have is that the problems will only get worse and not just for future generations but also for current generations. Even current generations may have to face significant higher taxes on many things such as tax revenue, higher interest rate and even have an impact on the job pool. For example, according to the U.S. Inflation Calculator, since the year 2000 to 2017, inflation has increased nearly 41.0%. That means if you bought an item for 5,000 dollars in 2000, it would cost you 7,051 dollars today for the same item today because of…show more content…
This is a problem for everyone in the country as everyone will be affected by whether or not the government changes the path that is going down or continue down the bad road of a very soon possible financial collapse. How bad really is our debt you might wonder. Well the debt is projected to be over 22 trillion dollars by 2021. In an increase of about 3 trillion dollars at our current rate in just 4 years. That would be more than 61 thousand dollars per citizen in the US but for every taxpayer it would be over 170 thousand dollars. During a personal interview I had with an expert in economics named Jason who has a degree in economics, entrepreneurship and who has also started his own business,I was able to ask a few questions about his thought on the government
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