Government Essay: Why Government Is Necessary?

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1. Government is best defined as a place where conflicts are resolved. One of the reasons why government is necessary is because without government we would have chaos. There would be no order and there would be no rules. Rules set the standard and keep things in balance. Furthermore, having rules not only keeps things in balance, but also maintains order within a society. It keeps from rebellions happening and maintains peace. Another reason why government is necessary is because it states the rights that a citizen has. Obviously we have the Bill of Rights which state what our rights are, but due to the many changes in the 21st century and our ever evolving country, citizens have been given the right to same sex marriage and to oppose abortion and euthanasia. Lastly, another reason why government is necessary is because the government enforces military force to protect the nation in case terrorism happens in…show more content…
Direct democracy is when people make the decisions directly, rather than those that are elected. It turns out that several states have gone to adapt a modern version of direct democracy. Some of that modern version of direct democracy include the concept of initiative, referendum, and recall. Initiative happens when voters can propose a law or an amendment. For example, we see initiative when people want to aim for change and ask for a petition to be signed, if passed it can then become a law or even a new amendment. Referendum is when the voters decide to approve or disprove a ballot. An example of that would be when people want to amend the constitution, the changes that they want to be made, must first be approved by voters. Recall is the action of when people vote to dismiss an elected official, before their term is over. As was mentioned in class, critics are looking for a recall effort in removing judge Aaron Persky in the Stanford case, stating that his biased opinion was what led to Brock Turner being sentenced only for 6
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