Government In Iraq

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Essay #1 The United States worked together to establish a strong government in Iraq along with its leaders. The issue that was being debated was, which type of government would work best for Iraq? Here in the United States, our government is based off of a federal system. A federal system is “a system government in which the national government and state government share power and derive authority from its people” (O’Connor, Sabato, and Yanus, 41). America was not always based off of the federal system. Our first form of government after declaring ourselves independent from Britain was a confederate system named The Articles of Confederation. A confederation is “a type of government in which the national government derives its powers from…show more content…
Dawisha and K. Dawisha, paragraph 16). Not all provinces are guaranteed to work together and if a nation-wide issue were to arise, handling it would be difficult because the strength lies in the individual states and not in the national government. Another issue that would arise is currency and forms of trade between all units. Additionally, an issue that could be found with a confederation is there wouldn’t be a sense of unity between all the different groups, causing people to be divided and focused on individual areas rather than a whole. The United States started with The Articles of Confederation and while it was the first official unionization for the country, there were many weaknesses in it; we were unable to function efficiently as a whole. A federal system would be more beneficial over a confederation because it would give all provinces the opportunity to send a representative for their area to represent their needs and there would be a balance in power so that no area is being favored over the…show more content…
If Iraq were to be governed by a unitary system it would be beneficial because they already have candidates lined up that would be great leaders for the country. According to “How to Build a Better Iraq”, if there were to be a monarchy, the country would be focused on tradition during a time of change, keeping everyone united (A. Dawisha and K. Dawisha, paragraph 19). The only way it would even be possible for a unitary system to be developed in Iraq would be if it was supported by the majority. If Iraq were to bring on someone with an educated background in scholar as well as business, they could be a driving force to bring stability to the country as well as progression in strengthening the economy for years to
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