Government In Lord Of The Flies Persuasive Essay

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A strong, effective government is key to maintaining peace among all. But once the majority starts to disagree, normal people can turn chaotic. People will do anything to get there way, and usually nothing can stop them. In the book Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, a group of kids are deserted on an island, caused by a massive plane crash. Two characters Ralph and Piggy coincide, and decide to call for others. They found a valuable white shell called a conch, that can create loud sounds. Ralph blew into the conch and the survivors eventually gathered all together. The group establishes a leader by voting for either Ralph, Piggy, or the respectable hunter Jack. Ralph becomes elected and creates a government that will eventually split the group into two, civilized people and savages.
At the beginning their government worked effectively. Ralph split the survivors into groups. Some to create shelters, others to build and maintain signal fires, and a hunting group. Each person is to do their job and help their chances of survival. Once people didn’t contribute, the jobs did not get done, and people started
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Ralph won chief by election, the people voted for him, but was he the right choice? By seeing the violence that resulted in his inability to govern the people I believe he was not the right choice. This happens all across the world, almost every day. Some people want one thing, and other people always want something else. All these demands can not be up kept and people start to become unhappy. Riots break out in cities across the world, causing chaos, destruction, and lives to be lost. In the Lord of the Flies, this is what happens to kids. But we see this in real life every day with adults, causing violence and rage amongst innocent people. The only thing we can do can do is remain calm, but history does tend to repeat
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