Economic System: The Roman Republic

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Every great civilization needs a government that provides things that meet the common good of all its citizens, the Roman Republic was one of these. The Romans were famous for a lot of things. Their government excelled in providing public services, preparing a common defense, and supporting the economic system. The government also provided other things like providing the rule of law and protecting the rights of Romans. When they did this they tried to meet everything to the common good of the citizens. Read on to find out how they did this.

The Roman Republic deserves an A+ for their Public services. First, the Romans built huge sets of Aqueducts (and pipes) to bring water from clean/fresh water sources in the mountains (usually springs) to
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The Roman republic had their laws written down on twelve bronze tablets that were posted on public buildings. This stopped patricians from changing the laws to benefit themselves against a plebeian in many cases. The twelve tablets focused on different types of laws. They focused on: procedure for courts and trials, trails continued, debt, rights of fathers over the family, legal guardianship and inheritance laws, acquisition and possession, land rights, laws of injury, public law, sacred law, supplement one, and supplement two. You may think “Hey! That 's great! Why only a B+ ?” well less than half the population could read the laws and notice what they are. Only patrician children had to memorize them for when they became older they would need it to be things like…show more content…
To further divide the legion there A legion was made up of groups that contained 80 men called centuries that made up a century. The man in charge of a century was known as a centurion. Some soldiers had special skills that they could use in battle. They could shot bows and arrows, fling stones from slingshots, or could swim across rivers to surprise an enemy. Roman soldiers usually got into a tight battle formation when they fought. After a burst of arrows and artillery, the Roman soldiers marched at a slow steady pace towards the enemy. At the last minute, they threw their javelins and drew their swords, before charging into the enemy. Then they used cavalry to pursue anyone who tried to run away. Part of their Artillery were giant catapults that fired rocks or burning tar. Huh, no wonder why the conquered so many lands and

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