Government In The Roman Republic

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Every great civilization needs a government that provides things that meet the common good of all its citizens, the Roman Republic was one of these. The Romans were famous for a lot of things. Their government excelled in providing public services, preparing a common defense, and supporting the economic system. The government also provided other things like providing the rule of law and protecting the rights of Romans. When they did this they tried to meet everything to the common good of the citizens. Read on to find out how they did this.

The Roman Republic deserves an A+ for their Public services. First, the Romans built huge sets of Aqueducts (and pipes) to bring water from clean/fresh water sources in the mountains (usually springs) to be transported into their Bathhouses, fountains and even drinking water. Second, the Romans also had sewage to take all the dirty water from the bathhouses and be transported into the Tiber river. Third, they also had Bathhouses for both of the social classes (Plebeians and Patricians) so they could take care of themselves. Their entertainment was the Coliseum or gladiator fights. Lastly, they had very good roads that have carefully placed stones and grooves for the wheels of the chariots if not paved or if wet. They even had little sewage on the sides of the roads to keep them a dry as possible (for faster travel.)

The Romans get a C+ for their rights. In the Roman Republic, only the patrician men got full rights. The Patricians were
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