Hobbes Blue Whale Moral Analysis

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In many ways, the Blue Whale is equivalent to a government. The leviathan of animals is the Blue Whale. Because it is great in size, it rules over the smaller creatures of the ocean, projecting its dominance as it roams fearlessly. Whereas the Blue Whale is the supreme figure of the ocean, the government is the supreme figure of the land. Although many forms of government exist, the best type of government, according to Thomas Hobbes’s Leviathan, is absolutism - a political system in which a sovereign has total, unrestrictive control over everyone and everything. In his book, Hobbes disparages the human species because unlike the Blue Whale and its peers, humankind is egocentric and untrustworthy, which are the root causes for war. Thus, he believes that a sovereign is necessary to preserve peace and prevent a civil war by ensuring that the societal members fulfill…show more content…
He accentuated that men are in a constant state of conflict and competition with one another because they are ultimately trying to satisfy their own desires, which may be of the same as other men’s. These desires could be basic human needs such as food, water or shelter, but because these resources are finite, men are in a perpetual state of war with one another to attain them - State of Nature. Additionally, men by nature are distrustful of one another and Hobbes proves this claim through experience. For instance, a man will arm himself when he embarks on a journey and will also lock his door and his chests every time he leaves his home. Does this not reveal that humans by nature are distrustful of one another because, even when there are laws and armed public officers, he still fears that one of his fellow citizens will rob or attack him? Accordingly, Hobbes proposed a way to escape the State of Nature and live in a civil society: through the Laws of Nature and the contract
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