How Do Government Support Smes

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Government support is no less important in influencing the success of SMEs. The Government, through various ministries and agencies have taken various initiatives and programs to support the development of SMEs. It aims to promote the development of SMEs more competitive and resilient SMEs towards increasing the contribution to the national economy. Government support for the development of SMEs is in the form of a special program designed to provide infrastructure to make it easier for entrepreneurs to venture into business, cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit and educate potential entrepreneurs. To ensure that SMEs remain viable, various measures are also regulated by the government to help SMEs improve their success. A SME would be helped if developed in all things, especially in terms of financial loans. Since SMEs play an important…show more content…
The services offered to SMEs is in all stages of the business cycle to help them grow and achieve excellence in their business activities. There are several agencies that provide advisory services to SMEs. Among them are such SMIDEC, MARDI and MARA. The purpose of this advisory is provided for the purpose of providing guidance to SMEs on how to manage the business better, especially in an environment of rising costs and more difficult nowadays. SMEs can obtain further advice on measures that can effectively manage the business and indirectly helps to strengthen the business operations of SMEs. In addition, the SME can get a variety of information to address the problems faced in business and improving management processes. With the advice of the SMEs will be more motivated to doing business and can generate more creative ideas to be applied in future
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