What Are The Arguments Against Government Intervention

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The notion of democratic government was conceived in or around 507 BC (in ancient Greece). Since then, systems of democratic governance whilst maintaining the “democracy” they originally stood for, have expanded their power over the years to regulate and control other areas of our lives such as the economy, media and, increasingly, the private lives of individuals.

A “private” affair can be defined as something that is not widely or publicly known by the general public, this can include things such as amorous relationships, personal investments, family matters or other things that are not intentionally publicised or made known to other individuals.

Government intervention” is an action taken by a government in an effort to ultimately police a community beyond the basic rules of
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I will expand on my thesis by focusing on the social aspects of intervention, elaborating on how state sanctioned intervention gives government too much power over their people and can lead to people in power taking advantage of this in addition, I will further support my argument by highlighting a UN Charter that suggests that government intervention in the affairs of private citizens can be a violation of human rights, lastly, as many people (in most civilized countries) have a reasonable level of education to be self determining - relying on government to know what to say or do or how to behave ‘behind closed doors’ causes a vicious cycle of dependency, which can (in my opinion) do more harm than good to society.

In highlighting how government intervention can (on occasion) be useful, I will be bringing to attention how enabling government access to private information can have a positive effect, especially with regards to the protection of children and minors through various social service initiatives and enforcing them
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