Government Involvement In The Vietnam War

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The Vietnam war was the longest, considered one of the most important, and expensive war in our history. The United States became involved in Vietnam since we promised that we would fight against anyone who supports communism. American government thought this would be a short, uncomplicated war to win seeing that Vietnam is a third world country. As the war went on American citizens thought twice regarding our involvement in the war because of; billions of dollars were lost, our government was lying to us, and thousands of American lives were lost. America had robust intentions to try to stop communism from spreading to South Vietnam, however the outcomes of this war were too overpowering to call this war a success. The United States invested billions of dollars in the Vietnam war, we spent nearly one billion dollars every year we were in the war, which amounts to around 7 billion dollars. We invested money in missiles, bombs, ammunition, war vehicles instead of, The Great Society social programs such as, housing, urban renewal, and welfare. As the war dragged on, more and more Americans grew weary of mounting casualties and escalating costs. To make the situation worse, our government ,who is supposed to be for the people, was lying to us regarding what was…show more content…
North Vietnam had extremely specialized fighters in South Vietnam, called Guerrillas, they set booby traps that were going to injure, not kill. In addition, we did not know the terrain, and we could not decipher who was friend and who was foe. Also, no one in America wanted to support the war and it is tough for a country to be in a war when it is not popular at home. Also, millions of people were watching the war live on tv, seeing bodies pulled out of rice fields, explosions of civilian towns, and the government was lying right to us regarding the war being shortly

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