Purpose Of Government Essay

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Jeremy Perillo Mr. White AP European History 13 June 2016 Character: John D. Rockefeller Topics: The Purpose of Government, Limitations of Government, and the size and scope of government. History: In 1839, I was born in New York to a poor family consisting of a single mother, four sisters, one brother, and an entire country where I could leave my mark. Once I graduated from my local high school, I went to Cleveland Business School and immediately started working for a shipping firm near my college. Once I had enough money, I began my own company, which did extremely well at the start of the Civil War. This jumpstart in my new company led me to invest into new industries, particularly oil. When oil was discovered in Pennsylvania in 1859,…show more content…
If the government is limited, then the economy is allowed to grow and prosper bettering the lives of the American people. With a limited government, my businesses would be able to get kickbacks and drawbacks from the railroad, further increasing my profit, and aiding the economy. Also, with a more limited government, as the founder and owner of a company can have more control over my property and workers then the government does. Rightfully so, as I have worked hard and spent several years getting to this peak in my…show more content…
By restricting big business, the government is only hurting its own economy as the max amount of profits cannot be achieved, preventing the economy from being further developed. We are the powerhouse of the world, and in order to remain at that position we need an economy that will beat any of our competitors out there. By shoving restrictions and policy down big businesses throats, then eventually we will choke and our economy will begin to fail on
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