Government, Limitations Of Government: John D. Rockefeller

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Jeremy Perillo
Mr. White
AP European History
13 June 2016
Character: John D. Rockefeller
Topics: The Purpose of Government, Limitations of Government, and the size and scope of government.

History: In 1839, I was born in New York to a poor family consisting of a single mother, four sisters, one brother, and an entire country where I could leave my mark. Once I graduated from my local high school, I went to Cleveland Business School and immediately started working for a shipping firm near my college. Once I had enough money, I began my own company, which did extremely well at the start of the Civil War. This jumpstart in my new company led me to invest into new industries, particularly oil. When oil was discovered in Pennsylvania in 1859, I sold almost all of my assets and holdings and invested completely into the oil industry. With this major investment, Standard Oil was created using new refining techniques and also focused on the production of kerosene and other oil based products. As America 's industrialization process grew, it seemed that I became richer and richer. I soon bought out my competitors with the plethora of resources I had, which made Standard Oil America 's largest company. At this time, Standard owned nearly all oil fields and refineries throughout the United States and I gained a net worth of $330 billion dollars, marking myself as the richest man in the world. Once I hit the peak in my career, I was finally allowed to donate to philanthropy, something

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