Government Should Be Mandatory Essay

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The government should make it mandatory to get vaccinated, because it can help prevent someone from getting sick, keep the illnesses from killing people, and to help prevent diseases from being spread to others. A vaccine is “a product that produces immunity from a disease and can be administered through needle injections, by mouth, or by aerosol” ("Basics" 1). The vaccines make it so you don’t get certain diseases, and keeps you safe from getting sick. They are a good defense against dangerous, preventable, and contagious diseases ("Basics." 1). Despite what many people argue, vaccines are very safe. This piece of evidence shows important insight on vaccinations, “federal law requires that Vaccine Information Statements explaining vaccine…show more content…
It allows people with possible allergies to certain vaccines become aware of that, and not be put at risk. One of the reasons the government should make it mandatory to get vaccinated, is mainly because it helps to prevent you from getting sick. This is especially important for people with weak immune systems, because they would get sicker than a normal person. Also, vaccines are important because, “the viruses and bacteria that cause illness and death still exist and can be passed on to those who are not protected by vaccines” ("Top Reasons to Get Vaccinated." 1). Without these vaccines, many people could get more sick and hurt by these different sicknesses. Getting vaccinated is one of the only main ways to keep you from getting sick. Vaccines should also be mandatory, because there are many diseases that can kill someone. This is shown in this quote, “in the US, vaccine-preventable infections kill more individuals annually than HIV/AIDS, breast cancer, or traffic accidents” ("Top Reasons to Get Vaccinated." 1). These people could’ve had the possibility to still be alive if they had gotten the vaccinations for these illnesses to prevent them from even contracting the diseases. The
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