Government Surveillance Research Paper

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Government Surveillance violates our Bill of Right The Fourth Amendment protects the people from unreasonable searches from the police or any other government official. I agree with Christopher Soghoian, technology can in fact be a civil rights issue due to government surveillance. Invading our civil rights by government officials has been attempted more than once before. The loss of personal privacy can have a psychological impact on citizens and feel that they are controlled by the government. Although invading continues government finds this useful to protect the American people. The government is invading our civil rights because they are monitoring the things we do. The FBI has been monitoring and tapping into the private lives of…show more content…
citizens feel watched. In the article “U.S. Government surveillance and the women’s liberation movement, 1968-1973: A case study” Roberta Salper states “I had underestimated the U.S. government 's interest in my life” (Salper, p. 431). When I get on the internet or even on my phone, I feel the same way Salper does. The government should not be checking who one is talking to or emailing. Throughout the years, the government followed Salper through Pittsburgh and San Diego while she was in the Women’s liberation Movement. The FBI “In 1969, in Pittsburgh, I was considered a "dangerous subversive" (Salper, p. 432). Salper felt as though she was being watched all the time and she did not quite understand why they referred to her as a “dangerous subversive” (Salper, p. 432). These programs that the government uses to “spy” on civilians can interfere with the individual’s rights and liberties. This means that it would not be a democratic movement for the…show more content…
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