Government Surveillance Vs. Privacy

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Government Surveillance VS Privacy.
Spying is nothing short than the normal. If you pay attention to history, you will notice that even in ancient civilizations like the Roman Empire, Egypt, China and India have all used it. 1900s regimes like former Soviet Union and Nazi Germany used spying tactics around world wars. The main use of spying was mostly for political and military advantage. These countries were very successful on spying.
However, in the 21st century surveillance is used in many different and complex ways. So many crimes and terrorist attacks forced governments around the world to use electronic surveillance to protect their own people. This electronic surveillance so complicated that you won’t even know it is happening and you
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One of the NSA document says”Collect it all. Sniff it all. Know it all. Process it all. Exploit it all (Monk Debate on State Surveillance).” This is just bad. They are doing everything they want. They are clearly trying to know everything about us. Another very disturbing thing about NSA was that it was spying “communications of the Brazilian oil giant Petro bras… elected leaders of allied states,” and German chancellor Angela Merkel (Greenwald 202). What? The US government clearly says that it is using surveillance to prevent terrorist attacks, however somehow it surveys a leader of a country that is friendly to us. From this you can understand that the US government is using surveillance for more than just security. I think like 1900s regimes the US government is using surveillance to get advantage on something other than security over other…show more content…
In that case, they will also say yes for surveillance. This is easy to understand because there is no privacy without security. However, documents leaked over and over again show us that surveilling is ineffective and there are very little evidence of surveillance helping us from preventing crimes and tragedies (Landau, Greenwald, Munk Debate on State Surveillance). Sadly, because of that the government started to use for other things. From surveilling a country leader to surveilling a single person’s private life. Right now, people are doing things in fear that government is watching them. Their brain is controlled. Right now, people are becoming hesitant to do things especially on internet. This is because they think that somebody is watching what they doing. In this case, surveillance is preventing us from doing what we want to do. For this reason, no solution is found. Some people continued asking the government to stop it. However, the government is trying to persuade them by saying that it is using to protect them. Right now, there is no solution, but people are debating about it. Which is good. Which side are you? Privacy or
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