Government Vs Central Government Essay

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During the early years of our young country, The United States, the founders faced many difficulties in deciding how best to lead the country. The main question being; how much power should the central government versus the state government have? This brought on more questions that would divide the political thinking of Americans such as; should the central government be involved when citizens rebel against federal policies? How strictly should the constitution be interpreted when deciding how to construct new laws or enforcing existing laws? These and other questions had very different answers for different groups of people which of course started a very distinct divide in political ideologies. One group was the Federalists who supported more authority given to the central government and the idea that the central government has the power to implement and enforce any law that they felt was necessary to perform its duties. The other group was the Republicans who believed that the states should have the most authority and that the central government should mediate between the states. Their viewpoints differed on a variety of things which helped to shape our government even more and set precedents on when the government should intervene in domestic and foreign disputes. The…show more content…
Their decisions on foreign policy and internal disputes helped guide the decisions made by the future leaders. Their constant debate on where most of the power should be concentrated and how the representation should be made helped define the way our government runs even to this day. They two party system though divisive and sometimes destructive was absolutely necessary for this government to run. The republican views seemed to lean more toward the common people which may have been the reason it survived through the Jeffersonian Era of our
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