Government Vs Federal Government Essay

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The two of the most important parts of the government are the State Government and the Federal/National Government. These two governments are very different in many ways but, they each have their own responsibilities and there own set limitations. These strict limitations are put into place to keep the States from overpowering the Federal Government and there are limitations in place to keep the Federal Government from taking the States rights away. One of these limitations being the tenth amendment which states that "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to people." This in simpler terms means that all the powers the Federal Government doesn 't have belongs to the State or to the people.…show more content…
The States are in charge of different things but whatever they decide only applies to the one state they represent. Like the laws they make only apply to the people in the state, but the laws they make can control property laws, estate and inheritance laws, commerce laws, banking and credit laws, corporate laws, insurance laws, family laws, morality laws, public health laws, education laws, general penal laws, eminent domain laws, land-use laws, water and mineral laws, criminal procedure laws, electoral and political party laws, local government laws, civil service laws, occupations and professions laws. The States also control licensing people for driving, and for jobs. Local governments and law enforcement are also under state control. In order to assure that the State and Federal Government don 't overpower each other for one there is a amendment as mention earlier but, a big part is the way the powers are separated. The states can 't make money and the Federal government can 't change each states laws to match one set of
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