Govment In Hamlet

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I 'll never vote agin as long as I live. And to see the cool way of that nigger-why, he wouldn 't a give me the road if I hadn 't shoved him out o ' the way. I says to the people, why ain 't this nigger put up at auction and sold?-that 's what I want to know. And what do you reckon they said? Why, they said he couldn 't be sold till he 'd been in the State six months, and he hadn 't been there that long yet. There, now-that 's a specimen. They call that a govment that can 't sell a free nigger till he 's been in the State six months.
Here 's a govment that calls itself a govment, and lets on to be a govment, and thinks it is a govment, and yet 's got to set stock-still for six whole months before it can take a hold of a prowling, thieving,
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On the Duke and King 's fake Shakespearian play they write, "Hamlet 's Immortal Soliloquy ! !By The Illustrious Kean!Done by him 300 consecutive nights in Paris!For One Night Only, On account of imperative European engagements! Admission 25 cents; children and servants, 10 cents" (Twain, 102). However, Jim consistently is under the "dictatorship" of Huck in the way that he is always afraid of being exposed by Huck. Huck may only be a child, but he is a white child which means he is above Jim within this society. Twain depicts this as a hypocrisy and criticism of this society at the time because it is obvious Jim holds more aspects of a moral and compassionate man than many of the other characters portrayed throughout the…show more content…
He depicts white men and women as less moral and compassionate in comparison to the African American characters portrayed. Twain often shows the inconceivable cruelty brought upon African Americans as the "status quo". Creating Huck as a child represents how far society has gone to stain the young minds of the community. However, Twain creates a larger hypocrisy by having Huckleberry bewilderingly befriend Jim as he undergoes an internal battle to betray Jim due to the color of his skin. In conclusion, Twain has created an extraordinary story which demonstrates the enormous amount of evil which the white man can create. His showing of white evil appeals to the creation of hypocrisy surrounding racism during this time. The characterization of Huckleberry Finn in relation to Jim is the main focus of the social criticism surrounding the novel. Their complicated relationship as an African American man and a white child led to Twains masterful storytelling of being able to somewhat overcome societies reigns. These techniques created the backdrop of the hypocrisy within the
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