Goya's Time Of Old Women Essay

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Goya’s Time of old Women is a commentary function piece, oil painting on canvas (1810-12 181 x125 CM). This painting has hidden messages beginning with the words on the mirror held up to the old woman. The words “Que tal’ (‘How goes it?’) holds a sting of distain towards the pompous vanity of royalty. This painting is thought to depict the true nature of Queen Maria Luisa. The old woman in white has an arrow in her hair that is silver incrusted with diamonds and distinct piece of jewelry. The picture of the royal family (also painted by Goya) shows Queen Maria Luisa wearing a diamond incrusted arrow in her hair.

The tonal variation beginning with the shading and contrast from light to dark provides contrast and depth, it revels the extraordinary inner complexities of the human soul. The bridal gown of the old woman matches the color of the winged humanlike creature behind her. The black dress of the other woman blends
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With Napoleon invading and facing the harsh realities of war had an impact on Goya’s creative expression. Goya was sensitive in the suffering around him and those that ignored it. He embraced the romanticism of the era, the freedom to create works of art that expressed his feelings on issues and people. The skill and exquisite talent of Goya is apparent with his use of space and two dimensional depictions. He is revered as one of the most influential figures in Spanish art.

Queen Maria Luisa would have been 59-60 when Goya painted this painting. In her final season of life “how goes it” now that your winding down to the end. If you have any sins, you better repent now can be represented by the winged character in the back. As she looks at her aging reflection in the mirror. Take a good look at yourself death will say the dark figure on the left has a skeletal
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