Goyescas: Tableaux Opera Written By Enrique Granados

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Goyescas Goyescas is a one – act and three – tableaux opera written by the Spanish composer Enrique Granados in 1915. The composition was created to a Spanish libretto. A Basque Spanish classical pianist, Joaquin Achucarro, performs it. While listening to the composition, the image of a calm, warm summer evening appears. It seems like the melody conveys the relaxation after the working day and exhausting heat. Some notes may be compared with the breath of the light wind. Furthermore, some melodies fill the image with a love story which should undoubtedly appear. Additionally, the composition conveys the vivid pallet of emotions and feelings of the love triangle with the logical development of the events, presenting the expressiveness of the melody through its intensification or calmness that expose the…show more content…
The stereotype of the relations between young women and men in the majismo movement, – their peculiar characteristic, the spirited nature, and the bohemian attitude, – is the inspiration of the composition. Goya’s works inspired Granado to write the opera and reflect the admiration to the artist’s works. The pianist visualizes Goya’s paintings with the help of the music sensuality. Comparing to the great artist, the musician depicts the milieu not mainly through the folklore or the costume drama solely. He raises the image to the mystery category making the audience create the picture of the past, present, and future. Granado’s music assists in creating an intimate linkage between the classic melody and the spirit of the local lands. Overall, the talent of the both masters is compared and considered irresistible as if they created the same work only in the different realm of art. Furthermore, Granado’s Goyescas was inspired by Albeniz’s motives, as well. The musician was thoroughly familiar with his style and used the same approaches to the

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