Gps Case Studies

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Mr. Carroll is a Tier 3 Sex Offender on GPS Monitoring. On 02/28/17 0530, Officer Mason received phone call from the Dover Monitoring Center in regards to Mr. Carroll GPS anklet. Mr. Carroll has a strap tamper and Officer Mason and RP responded to Mr. Carroll’s last GPS location 448 North Street Milford, DE 19963 (Mr. Carroll’s mother residence). When Officer Mason and RP responded to the residence, Officer Mason noticed that she did not have the proper equipment to fix Mr. Carroll’s strap. RP instructed Mr. Carroll to come to the office at 0900. Also, RP told Mr. Carroll that he can’t sleep at this address due to the fact that it’s a school less than 500ft of the address. Mr. Carroll stated that he was aware of that and he goes to his mother house to take a shower.

On 02/28/17, RP received a message from Mr. Carroll’s aunt stating that he does not have a ride to get to Probation and Parole. Officer Williams, Dagley and RP responded to Mr. Carroll’s grandmother house across the street from the above address (443 North Street Milford, DE 19963). RP fixed Mr. Carroll’s anklet. As RP was leaving there was a child under the age of 2 years old present during the home visit. Mr. Carroll acknowledged that he was aware that a child was present. RP told Mr. Carroll that he needs to leave that address and he can’t stay at that
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Supervisor Winchester gave the approval to arrest Mr. Carroll’s in the office. However, Mr. Carroll failed to show up for his office visit. Officer Winchester then gave approval to arrest Mr. Carroll at his last GPS location (443 North Street Milford, DE). RP briefed Officer McCullough, Rahman and Mason on the arrest. RP responded to the above residence. However, Mr. Carroll was not present during the arrest. Mr. Carroll’s aunt stated that he left this morning. She allowed RP and the above officers to clear the residence. Mr. Carroll was not present during the
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