Grace And Redemption In Leo Tolstoy's Two Old Man

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How do we receive grace? When does redemption occur? Examples of Grace and Redemption occur through out the highest and lowest points of our life. God gives us grace. His pure example of love and kindness is our guidelines on how we should treat our neighbors. Leo Tolstoy, Flannery O 'Connor, and George Saunders utilizes kindness and compensation in life through their stories. They explain that the ultimate case of grace comes through when we struggle in life. Every individual is fit for liberality beside their assets. In Leo Tolstoy’s “Two Old Men, grace and reclamation takes on important roles in the lives of Elisha and Effim. Elisha, a ruined beekeeper, exhibits beauty through dealing with a starving family. He discovers them on his way…show more content…
Changing the thought process can change a life. In "A Great Man is Hard to Find" by Flannery O 'Connor, love and reconciliation are important for the characters. The impolite grandma, a manipulative old woman, deceives her family into going to a different state than they expected. Grandma was informed by the news that a murder streak was occurring by a man named “Misfit”.When the two run into each other, the grandma turns into a minding, adoring lady. Before her death, Grandma tries to persuade Misfit to change his ways: “‘pray, pray,’ the grandmother began, ‘pray, pray…” Her life is coming to an end, but within that little time she tells her murderer to pray. After she is murdered, O’Connor writes that she is laying “in a puddle of blood with her legs crossed under her like a child’s and her face smiling up at the cloudless sky.” Her miraculous faith in God is displayed by the beautic smile on her face. Even though her offer of reclamation was denied by Misfit, she finds reconciliation by traveling up to the heaven gates. Furthermore, there is a glimpse of grace when Misfit left the murder scene. After he kills the grandmother, Bobby, one of his assistants, yells “some fun!” while burying the old lady. The Misfit spits back, “‘Shut up, Bobby Lee.”’ This displays that Misfit did not enjoy or appreciate what he did. There is still hope in him. His demeanor after the death of grandma is a sign that life can improve for him. Redemption took a toll on Misfit’s heart. Before the death of grandma, he says that there is “no pleasure but meanness.”. Then after killing the old woman he boldly states, “It’s no real pleasure in life.” This is a clear example of a changed heart. Despite the fact that it is not an unwavering compensation, regardless it demonstrates how his strategy for speculation has changed. The grandma offers him redemption, however he rejects it. He, rather, discovered it at the time after he kills her. He saw that executing her did not convey any
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