Grace And Ruthie Analysis

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Grace and Ruthie’s Life in High School

Grace and Ruthie made it through ten grades. Its their 3rd year in high school. Grace and another girl (the principals daughter) named Anna, started to help out the football team. Grace is the reverends daughter, so most people think she is a goody 2 shoes. But Grace is not Ruthie and her get into a lot of trouble, especially this year.

They live in Tennessee, U.S.A. All there small town cares about is church and football. The first day of school, I wore a black tink top and a blue skirt with boots. Since it was the first day it was the first football game of the season. Every time they have a game, the night before the game the whole school had a party at the marsh, No Teachers.
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he said “yes”, I said coach Wyatt came up to us and said “Brody why are you just standing around get on the field.” Brody said “ got to go see you after practice”. “Okay” I say as he walks on the field. After practice brody walked me home.

We talked as we walked, finally we got to my house and we hugged He hugged me so I hugged him back. He asked me if he could pick me up in the morning. So i said yes and walked inside up to my room, got in my pajamas and went to bed.

The next morning I got dressed, I put on a black tink top, a jean jacket, jeans, with boots. I went down stairs and when I got to the bottom I see my Daddy and Georgia (my biological mother, that left after I was born).” Daddy what is she doing here?” I say He says :she wants to be apart of your life!” I run outside to my car, start it then leave.

I headed to Ruthie’s house, I got out knocked on the door. Ruthie’s mom (Sarah) answered she said “come in Ruthie is at the table eating”. I head to the kitchen and sit down next to Ruthie. “Ruthie we need to talk NOW!” I say We walk to her room and when we get there she said “ what’s wrong?” “Ruthie remember Georgia my mother, well she wants to be apart of my life but I’m not sure I want her to be apart of it after all I’m turning 18 in

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