Grace Everby: A Short Story

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On a cold fall morning Grace Everby sat alone for the first time in years. With only the sound of the wind rattling through the fallen leaves and the birds flying above her grandmother's farm. She looked into the distance and could see trees for miles covered by the thick morning fog and the old white wooden fence that surrounded the whole farm. Grace was thinking about what she had done wrong. Her fiance that she had been dating for 7 years had broken up with her. With nowhere else to go she went back home to her grandmother’s farm. Her grandmother was thrilled to have her home again. Grace offered to help her grandmother with the farm if she could live there. Her grandmother is having her work with the animals which Grace doesn't mind at…show more content…
John looked at her with a smirk and Started to show Grace the basics of what had to be done. They started their work and began talking about the farm. John took interest in Grace’s past and started flirting with her. She being in a bad place emotionally started flirting back. The two talked for hours while they were working and Grace is starting to like John. The time flew by and they finished their farm tasks. They started to walk back up to the house still flirting. John turned to Grace and asked if she had plans later on that night. Grace says that she has no plans. John asks her to go to a restaurant for dinner and she says she would love that. He leaves to go get ready and Grace rushes into the house and showers. She realized that she does not have her dresses from her house. She panics and asks her grandmother is she could borrow something. Her grandmother had kept all her mother's old dresses. Grace is honored to wear one of her mother's dresses on her date with John. She picked out a fitted red dress that fit perfect on Grace. She finished curling her hair and doing her makeup. There was a knock on the door and her grandmother answered. John was here and eager to see his pretty date. Grace walked to the door and John had the…show more content…
The town has named her a hero and is bringing flowers and goodies to the house. The pastor's wife is a family friend and is preparing farm house for a celebration to celebrate Grace. The whole town is so thankful for finally being able to not live in fear that they are all donating and helping with this celebration to make sure it is special for Grace. Meanwhile at the hospital the grandmother was shocked to see that Grace's ex fiance showed up. Her grandmother has always loved her fiance and was crushed when they broke up. So when Grace called her grandmother in the woods she called the police and then her ex fiance. He was so concerned that he got in his car and drove straight to the small town. He told her that he has missed Grace so much and that he regrets breaking up with her. He still loves Grace and was just in a bad fight and said some stuff he shouldn't have. The grandmother looked at him with joy and said she is glad he came. They sat waiting for the doctor to come bring news on Grace. About twenty more minutes passed and the doctor came out and said that she will have a cast for a while but other than that she will have a full recovery. They had to wait for ten minutes for her to be brought to her room then they could go see her. The time passed very slowly but they were nervous to see her reaction to her ex being back. They walked in slowly to her room and walked

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