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Criteria #1 Does the biography meet the criteria for good literature? This biography engages and excites readers. The character, Grace Hopper, is relatable to the readers. There are not just boring rote facts about Grace Hopper, but experiences that make her more of a reality to the readers. If you were to research Grace Hopper, you would see she was famous for the code that she wrote for computers. However, this author took that research one step further and added a story to the facts. We were able to piece together Hooper’s life by all the stories Wallmark included.

Criteria #2 Is the subject of the biography worth reading about? This story is one worth reading for all genders, but especially girls. STEM programs are thriving
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Book Critique

Criteria #2 Is the subject of the biography worth reading about? The subject of the biography was absolutely worth reading about. With young students, so many of them love animals and enjoyed hearing a story about someone that also shares their love of animals. Jane Goodall has a charm about her and after reading students want to know more about her work. This book gives us a snapshot of Jane Goodall’s life as a child, and then at the end of the book we can read more detailed biographical information.

Criteria #3 Is the biography factually accurate in relation to characters, plots, and settings? From the beginning the author was factually accurate. The story begins, "Jane had a stuffed toy chimpanzee named Jubilee". In many interviews and primary sources, we can easily find that the stuffed chimpanzee was part of Jane Goodall’s life and by the author beginning the story in this way it assured readers he would stay true to Goodall’s story. The details of the pictures of the Alligator Society were so realistic it leapt from the page. Young Jane loved the outdoors and did indeed watch the “joy and wonder” of life as she snuck into the chicken coop to find out where eggs began. In the story Jane escapes to Africa briefly, allowing readers to visualize the place where she wanted to go so desperately so she could live and help all animals there. As the story ended, Jane woke up a woman in Africa living out her
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Throughout the book the pictures and text were seamless. The sketches mentioned earlier often gave clues for where the text would take us next. The readers see Jane swinging on vines in Africa, “a life living with, and helping, all animals.” The illustrator has pleasant expressions on their faces as she swings above them, allowing us to see Jane’s future of helping animals.

Criteria #4 The illustrations should help readers anticipate the unfolding of a story’s action and its climax. Throughout the story the illustrations helped readers anticipate actions. In the beginning of the story readers are instantly hooked as Jane received Jubilee. There is an instant connection to the stuffed animal as readers follow Jane on her many journeys with her new friend. Students were often searching for Jubilee as soon as a page was turned. Students were excited to see how Jubilee was helping Jane to explore the outdoors. The big climax occurred at the end of the story. As readers see Jane become a woman with a turn of the page, we see her dream come true when a photograph of Jane Goodall and a chimpanzee closes the
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