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Case The experience of Grace Maria Grace Maria is a fifteen- year-old girl. Her family consists of her parents and an elder brother. Her mother was a nurse working in a renowned private hospital. But she had to resign her job as she was experiencing strange phenomenon in her thought and behavior. Some serious disturbances were noticed in her behavior and she was diagnosed to be a Schizophrenic six years back, ever since life has been horrible for her and for the entire family. To make matters worse, Grace Maria’s mother is also suffering from Tuberculosis which made her life all the more miserable. Grace Maria’s father is a successful business man and the elder brother is a higher secondary school student. Her father, who is a graduate…show more content…
Grace has painfully explains how she has to go through the ordeals of constantly changing the house which also affects her study; all these due to the sickness of her mother. She narrates, “Some of our neighbors often tell me to keep my mother controlled. Some other people supported me; what mistake did I do in order to get abused by other people. The neighbors belong to a different caste and creed. They find it difficult to accept the wrong-doings of my mother”. Mother is malicious and angry towards a widow who lives close to Grace’s house. The visitors to that house, especially men, make her mother angry. Once mother assaulted this widow physically and used abusive language. Because of this, the widow lodged a complaint with the police. The police caught hold of her father and tortured him. The police were bent on questioning her mother and go ahead with investigation even when they were told that the woman was mentally ill and under medication and it would be improper to subject such a person to police interrogation. The police did not oblige to listen to the plea of her father who was literally begging the police not to interrogate the mother. Although the certificate of the illness of her mother was shown the police were not compassionate to

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