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A series of sermons put together of a central message of his life. This is what All of
Grace written by C.H. Spurgeon is all about. In a short, but impactful book, the grace of God is explained in a way that all can understand. The book opens with a short biography of Spurgeon, and then he begins to speak about grace using bible verses and illustrations in order to help others understand it. Spurgeon hopes that all who read this will apply what they learned and see the importance of Christ in their life.
C.H Spurgeon is from a small town in England and was born in the early-mid 1800’s. He had a grandfather who was a popular preaches. His grandfather would have Spurgeon around at times when he was writing his sermons. Then his grandmother had encouraged Spurgeon to
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I was sitting on the train reading the book and I almost didn’t want to finish it and just hand it to someone on the train because it explained the gospel in such a relatable way and Spurgeon had such an interest in the salvation of those around them. He was able to explain in an amazing manner about all of our need for Jesus. Since Spurgeon goes step by step in the gospel, I believe it would help out who is contemplating Christianity go step by step what it means that it is grace that we are saved, and not by works. There are clear examples, that through the ages, have applied and will continue to apply to people. The book puts everyone on an equal playing field, which makes the book applicable for believers as well.
It helped encouraged me, and helped me out in ways in which I can explain grace in the gospel to others. The special features in which I noticed were the simple illustrations. They are simple enough in a way where I would feel comfortable using them to explain parts of the Bible in a children’s ministry situation. Spurgeon from the beginning of the book until the end, puts the reader into the story, and wants to bring all into a relationship with
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