Grace Poem Meaning

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There is an abundance songs out there today and some people can relate to them all or some of the songs. No matter if the song is country, gospel, rap, or hip hop they can make people feel different emotions such as sadness, happiness, peacefulness or a mix of all emotions. For me, a lover of all music, especially, country, I can relate to a countless amount of songs like for example, Tim McGraw sings a wonderful, heart reaching song called "Better than I used to be". A song about coming past the flaws and the negative situations from the past and realizing there is a diamond under all the dust and that diamond is the person who better himself to be someone other than the past them. I can relate to this song for various reasons, but the most important is I changed myself for the better. From being a little kid from a lousy home with an atrocious past to a person who believes I could do something better for myself than to be that awful person I hated looking at in the…show more content…
As a kid that grew up in a church I have always loved singing "Amazing Grace". There is a line that is my favorite and it goes "I once was lost but now i 'm found". This lyric is my favorite from this song because it explains what the church can do for someone and what effect The Lord and The Bible can do. Someone who does an endless amount of dreadful doings like drugs or have felonies that put them into crummy places like rehab or jail. These places have a church like setting in them where one can go and ask forgiveness and pray and worship God and welcome him into their heart. Someone could be so lost in the world and be found by the church and God. A friend of mine, sadly did heroin and got apprehended with it and ended up in jail. Well, he convinced the judge he needed help so they sent him to rehab. Now he is out and thanks God everybody that he saved him from going down a rough road. He goes to church everyday and worships and prays everyday. Rehab changed his habit, but God
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