Gracey And Kingsolver: A Comparative Analysis

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Socialization is evident in the texts by Harry Gracey and Barbara Kingsolver. Both texts shed light on the basis of how the Western educational system operates their functions. Gracey’s text explains that from the prime age of four to five, most parents start their children’s education(s) in kindergarten. Gracey states kindergarten “is thought of as a year in which small children, five or six years old, are prepared socially and emotionally for the academic learning which will take place” (Larocque, 2015). A common misconception people make is believing kindergarten is a preparation year for children rather than forming the student role. The teachers decide what the children learn, which is geared towards making them efficient bureaucratic…show more content…
Throughout school, girls and boys are separated by gender because they have different ways of socializing. Guys prefer to socialize in larger, more publically visible while being more sport orientated and are overtly hierarchical (Larocque, 2015). Girls prefer to interact and socialize in smaller groups, where they have alliances based on being nice towards one another and having best friends. Additionally, when it comes to sexuality words and dirty words boys are much more likely to gravitate towards these words as they like to push it to the limit. They want to see how far the rules take them. Girls on the other hand shy away from dirty words as it’s not the girly thing to do. Thorne and Luria gave an example about the “Mad Lib” game they let the kids play. The boys weren’t reluctant on spitting out swears and profanities. When the girls talked about playing “Mad Libs” they stated that they gave it up as they didn’t want to get in trouble. This leads to the last gender socialization; rule transgression. Boys tend to get away with more. When boys are in large groups, they have more power than when they are individual. Once the group gets in trouble, the consequences are divided and it becomes much more appealing for the boys. Girls on the other hand are more understanding when it comes to rules. This could be because they prefer being in smaller groups, which makes rule transgression not influential on the

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