Grade 9 Classroom Observation

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I attended Reshogofaditswe High School. I observed grade 9 classroom, that consist of 40 learners. It was an eye opening experience, as I have not done my teaching practice at a High School before. The atmosphere at the school is very welcoming.
The classroom I observed was an english classroom. Learners each had their own desk, which faced another. It makes for a questionable setting, especially because some of the learners were sitting with their backs to the board, meaning they had to turn to see the board. All the learners sat on plastic chairs. The classroom was very crammed, which made it harder for the teacher to move around the classroom. The teachers desk was placed in front of the classroom, this in my opinion puts the teacher at
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I found that a bit unneving. She also did not have a lesson plan prepared, I am not sure if this was due to the fact that she has been teaching for years. I would have loved to see if there was a difference to what was written down and what was covered in class. To see if it was fully transformed and incorporated into the lesson. This way I could have been able to identify areas where she improvised, and I would have gotten a better understanding of how to make a lesson plan come alive. She also seemed to focus her questions to the middle and the right side of the class.
The school does not seem to approach teaching in a practical manner, in fact the classroom walls looked very bare and boring . Not much sign of technology for grade 8's and 9's, only grade 10's upwards enjoy those privileges. Which means grade 8 and 9 teacher have their work cut out for them.
The learners were very disciplined and respectful.They were fully coperative in class and very receptive to learning. There were of course a few class clowns but for the most part, they adhered to the schools code of conduct. Which includes respecting their teachers, their peers and every adult who works at the school.
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