Essay On Grade Inflation

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“If Grade Inflation Continues A College Bachelor’s Degree will have just as much credibility as a high school diploma”by Walter E.Williams which happens to be true people that go to college don’t have to try as hard to get a decent grade for most people they just planout expect to have a good grade when they did not work for it.But whos fault is to blame the students or teachers. While looking into Stuart Rojstaczer story the “Grade Inflation Gone Wild”. Sturt studies the way that grade inflation work while doing his research Sturt found out that colleges and universities grades has gone up and down also level out all during the 60s 70s also the 80s. Grade has continued to go up most of the school GPAs are 3.0 or above. In “Doesn’t Anybody get a C Anymore”.by Phil Primack students do not want to accept anything less than a B+. It’s a fact that students do not have to try as hard to get a pastable grade. “That because many professor fear that tough grading will trigger poor students evaluations”(Phil Primack).…show more content…
On (grade people can see the data of the university history on their grades. On average the GPA of a public school is 3.0. “When students walk into a classroom knowing that they can go through the motions and get a B+ or better” (Stuart Rojstaczer). The author is explaining with in an informed detail that in today’s education it has become very hard to tell from very good students or just good students.Higher grades has a loss of morality among teachers why? Because the main focus is not to displease their students or any one for that matter.Now a days it’s all about the about the points in order to get a good grade not about actually learning about the subject that they can leaning and use in their world when they get out of
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