Grade Inflation High School

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Many students these days are receiving grades they don’t deserve. The goal of schooling has changed from learning to putting in as little effort as possible to receive the highest grade. The issue with this is that the people who do put in the effort are harder to separate from the ones who don 't. For example, an outstanding student can get an A while a very good student can earn a B+. With grade inflation, they both get A’s. Often, professors have a hard time discerning the difference between the top students and the traditional A, B, and C grades become blurred. Until grade inflation is acknowledged and corrected, many high school students will be disappointed with their college entrance exam scores and may have to change their college and career pursuits.
Grade inflation occurs when the teacher considers the student 's effort when determining a grade. A recent study shows that 86% of teachers were found guilty for giving students a grade based on their effort. Most schools have a rubric that determines which grade the student should receive. However, the fact is that most teachers promote students to the next level based on how much they are willing to work for it.
Another reason for grade inflation is that the grades of a student help determine which schools he or she attends in the future. If one student received better grades than another
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Another theory to remedy grade inflation involves giving students two grades: One grade is based on how much effort they put in and the other grade is based on their knowledge of the subject or their performance. In this way, a teacher can tell the difference between a student who barely does anything and gets an A and a student who puts hours and hours into his/her work. Because both effort and ability are important for future academic and professional success, it is important to find a balance in grading students. The false sense of security from grade inflation actually hurts, rather than helps, students and their
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