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Grade Inflation: How to Handle the Problem In the 2004 article “Let’s Put the Excellence Back in the A” by the author Hamilton J. Frank. In the article he talked about the problem which is the grade inflation. I have summarized what the article said about this issue. Grade inflation is a worldwide serious problem that is has been going on for years. This problem is still happening in every school, collage, and even businesses. Therefore it is important to discuss this issue because there is not any solid solution for it. I realized that the author mentioned in the article that there are many problems that have been causing this situation. He explained the causes and effects; the first cause is that this issue is mainly happening…show more content…
In the paragraph below I will summaries the result of my interview. For my interview, I interviewed an instructor in the English foundation department in GUST which is Kelly Hutchinson. This interview was held July 4th primary question was how she handled grade inflation problem. She said “grade inflation has been an issue for so many years in her teaching life and with other teachers in my staff”. She has been teaching English for many years and had a lot of problems with student that wanted grades higher than they should have .She thinks that grade inflation is an ongoing problem and teachers have to figure out a solution for it. Their department is consistent threw out the entire program, all the instructors have the same guidelines so they can make sure all of the students are learning the same order to insure the grading is fair in impartial they have rubrics that they follow .One of the solutions that she thinks is best for keeping grade inflation away is the double grading. She said that “double grading is basically gathering all the exams and grading them with all the teachers in the…show more content…
Also it keeps grade inflation from increasing. She gave another way to keep grade inflation from not happening which is the norming process. She said that” norming is where teachers get together they discuss different premature to evaluate certain parts of an exam mostly in writing which can be subjective but they do regular different levels in all the exams to insure that grade inflation does not happen . In the final interview i asked her what does she advice future teacher to do to keep this problem from happening. her opinion to keep grade inflation away from happening in the future, she said “teachers should be truthful to the students and make them love education because grade inflation is an issue across the board”. She also said “Students are here to learn and to expand their knowledge and teachers are doing the best they can to make them love learning”. However, she thinks that if a teacher tells the student that he or she did a fabulous job when it was not that good, did they really understand what they have done? It is not fair to them. She strongly believes in encouraging students and telling them where they stand. But if teachers inflate their grades, you are not really giving them the realistic

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