Importance Of Grades

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Is your children's life more important that a number on a paper? Do numbers define their worth? .Grades are numbers or letters used to judge the mental capabilities of all students. The education system is highly dynamic and is used to find our place in this system, grades are to given to tell us about our position in this hierarchy.

Grades barely cover a small minute particle of a huge mental perspective ,your children might not even use their abilities to the full extent ,they might just memorise all the information word to word ,copy pasting all the content from the book to to the paper without being accused of "cheating". It is not possible for a student to be graded fully on his/her intelligence due to many factors . Grades definitely
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The human mind is fragile and is easily polluted ,the pressure of getting good grades can really drive students crazy . It’s like a never ending race for all your children where winning is the only intention in mind ,during this race many of the cars tend to destroy themselves by driving at a very high speed .Your children might actually be of those cars, committing suicide ,giving up on life only because their rank is not where it is supposed to be .A life loathed is a life…show more content…
The life if not lost is completely drained of its innocence . Childhood is lost due to the excessive homework ,practice that are all thrown at the kid at a very young age .The kid who should have been playing outside with his/her friends, is locked up in a room with his/her head in the books, craving some human contact or just a little bit of entertainment , for eg: the kids in Korea have 16 hour schools and then after that they attend cram school (private tution) ,all that for better grades and to get into a better college . Many of the kids barely even get 5 to 6 hours of sleep as they are studying until 1 or 2 am. Some schools even keep Saturdays as a school day .

Grades are not as important as society deems it to be ,children should have their freedom mentally and physically from the pressure of grades should be given no limits on consumption of knowledge and if tested should be a given a detailed feedback based on their work instead of letter grades as the benefits of it clearly outweigh the disadvantages
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