Grading System In School

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Grading system has an effect in the mentality of students. For example, a certain school has a zero-based grading system. The effect of this in students is that it makes the students think that the subjects are hard because it is difficult achieve a high grade in class. However, the grading system is the one making it hard for them to get a high grade in their subjects.
A strict grading system in some schools can encourage students to study hard and bring out the best in them. Also, this is a way of making the students think out of the box whenever they experience problems or circumstances in their lives (Elikai and & Schuhmann, 2010).
In addition, tThe structure of grading systems has an impact on the quality of students’ approaches to learning.
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Grades diminish students’ interest in learning. When there is a basis of learning, students prefer easier task because they want to get good grades. Often, students only study to get good grades and not to learn. They tend to memorize everything and after a test, forget everything they learned. To support Ellis’ statement, Crouch (2013) said that grades are poor communicators. The variability of grades is not always realistic. Some grades are created to assess students’ academic performance but not their intellectual intelligence. In contrary, grades help to improve one’s self. When a student gets a failing grade, this might trigger them to study harder and broaden their minds in the possibilities in the area of knowledge.
Moreover, grades of students have the psychological result of grades to students. Parikh defined grades as a basis of intellectual capacity of students in the classroom. It can improve a student’s emotional state and/or also break his confidence. In some cases, grades are determinants of a student’s superiority inside the classroom. Some students think they are better than others because they have higher grades than them. This scenario causes some students to lose interest in learning and quit school. On the other hand, the students who get good grades become motivated to study and explore every depth of
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Albretch stated that, “Getting a good grade in an accounting class results from process.” He also gave tips on how to get high grades in accounting subjects. The first tip is to know what the professor expects. Professor expects every student to listen and pay attention to the lesson. Professor only computes the grade, the students make the grade. Second is being your own teacher. Third, work hard from the very first day. It is essential that one must work hard for you to pass survive accounting. No student can pass a subject without hard work. Fourth is to attend every class. It is important to attend every class because even the performance of a student will be graded by the professor. Fifth, take good notes. Taking notes is one of the basic techniques to fast learning. The mind usually remembers what the body does and/or writes. Sixth tip is to participate in class for the professor to know you. Seventh, read the textbook several times, and read it well. Eight, look for patterns. Ninth, do lots of homework. Tenth, study with a friend. The eleventh tip is to study long and hard for each exam and the twelfth tip is to live healthfully. These are the important tips for every student especially for those who are taking up Bachelor of Science in
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