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It’s not with every college that one may come across opportunities such as those Westminster offers to its students. After visiting the school and attending a breakout session for the Honors Program, I knew that I had to apply. The program immediately appealed to me for multiple reasons, a couple of these being its challenging nature and uniqueness. In not many other places can students have sit-down conversations with guest speakers and get one-on-one attention from professors. In not many other programs would I have the opportunity to write a graduate level Honors Thesis my senior year. My desire to be apart of this program also derives from its relevance to the two majors I plan to pursue: sociology and transnational studies. My interest…show more content…
Through interacting with students working toward a broad range of majors, I may find interests in things I had never thought to study before. In addition to this, I feel as if it is incredibly important to be exposed to opinions other than one’s own in order to learn and grow, and this program could provide the perfect opportunity for this through conversations inside and outside of the classroom. I appreciate the Honors Program’s push for students to have off-campus experiences, such as studying abroad (something I certainly intend on doing my junior year), as I believe these experiences are yet another wonderful opportunity for personal growth that allow students to step out of their comfort zone and develop communication skills that can be used throughout their lives. Additionally, The Honors Program would be a great way to help me prepare for graduate school. Not only would I have the opportunity to challenge myself through upper level classes, which on its own would be of benefit when applying to a graduate program, but by having an Honors Thesis or Honors Project under by belt, I would undoubtedly have an edge over other applicants as this would show the university that I’m prepared for advanced courses and the application of my

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