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The famous quote “Change is the only permanent thing in the world”, is very apt in the field of Computers. The persistent question of “what next?” leads to reinventing and opens up new challenges. Many exciting discoveries, applications of computer science are yet to come and I want to be a part of this process of exploration, discovery and invention. This is a major motivation for me to continue my studies and understand the evolution of the discipline. Having acquired a strong foundation in the computer science concepts through the rigorous undergraduate program and experience in IT industry, I now feel that graduate studies would be the next ideal step for my career growth. My desire to delve deeper into the subject, eagerness to work on…show more content…
In addition, I developed keen interest in programming in High school and self-learnt programming languages such as C and C++. My initial fascination for the subject and urge to learn more, led me to pursue undergraduate course related to Computers. Having secured a rank of 911 among 180,000+ candidates in the highly competitive State level engineering entrance exam, I obtained merit-based admission to the Bachelor’s program in Information Science and Engineering (ISE) at R V College of Engineering, Bangalore, one of the prestigious institutions in India.
Four years of undergraduate program in ISE, with a comprehensive approach to theoretical and practical concepts, has implanted a strong foundation of Computer Science and enabled me to develop analytical and reasoning skills. Database management Systems, Operating systems, Algorithms, Data structures and Web programming were some of the areas that captured my attention. The projects and assignments carried out in various domains of Computer Science have aided my understanding of practical applications along with theoretical knowledge in
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Masters of Science in Computer Science program offers a variety of courses combined with practical-orientation focusing on current research and innovation that will allow me to acquire a clear understanding of the subject and the skills to execute it. The outstanding work by Prof. Cyrus Shahabi in the area of ‘Databases’, ‘Geospatial and Multidimensional Data Management’ and research by Prof. Craig Knoblock in the field of ‘Information integration’ are few topics that resonate with my academic interests and professional aspirations. It would be an honor to study and work under their expert tutelage. I am looking forward to the opportunities to work in futuristic laboratories such as Information Laboratory, Institute for creative technologies, Information Sciences Institute and contribute to their research and development efforts that will help me gain valuable exposure to deepen the subject-matter knowledge and obtain professional experience. In addition, I am excited by the objectives of student organizations at Viterbi, such as Women in Computing, Code the Change and hope to make worthwhile contributions by active participation. Moreover, being a global university, USC promotes cultural diversity and provides an aura of intellectual stimulation. This will allow me to interact with people from different walks of life, work together and learn from each other’s

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