Graduating Peter Reflection

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The film Graduating Peter, showed the journey of a boy growing up and experiencing school. Peter is special compared to the average student. When Peter was born, he was diagnosed with down syndrome. His parents wanted Peter to live a normal life just like his other siblings. They wanted him to be in mainstream classes, get a job, and focus on his future. In the film, the audience sees the extents the family goes through to try to make their child as “normal” as they could. When students are in middle school, they become very hormonal. Students start to find friend group and follow trends. Since Peter has down syndrome, during these ages it would have been crucial to put him in a class of students with the same academic and intelligence level. I do not believe putting Peter in a regular classroom was a positive intervention during this time. He was bullied and left out. Barely any one wanted to be his friend, which was so heartbreaking. When a student has a learning disability just like Peter, they need to receive the best education they could. They need to be in an environment where they are not being judged and can develop at his own pace. Not only did the parents not treat him the way he should but as well as the teachers. They would yell…show more content…
His negative behavior included, throwing food at others, yelling, screaming, and causing a scene over nothing. There was one scene in the movie where he was sitting at lunch with a couple kids. The other kids did not seem to have any problems. Peter then picked up one of the other students food and was not giving it back. Peter finally gave it back by throwing it at him. The student was then fed up and decided to move his seat away from Peter. Peter then was sitting alone for the remainder of lunch. Actions like this affect Peter and his learning and development of relationships due to his negative
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