Graduation Speech: A Humoral Speech

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Honorable members of the principal table, deer teachers, beloved parents, friends and all guests, good evening.
It is a great honor and an eminent responsibility to be able to express through just a few words the feelings of a whole group that has concluded a stage, which embraces an endless amount of experiences and emotions, that even the most beautiful words would not be sufficient to describe them.
This path was not easy at all; in the course we faced disappointments, deception, and sadness. We sacrificed outings and even friends and family, countless times we wanted to give up, to surrender; but we did not do it. We rose from adversities, learn from them, and carried on. Because as Mario Benedetti said, the glory does not consist in never falling down, but in rising every time that is necessary.
Just how we endure moments of distress, we also had moments of plenitude. We met people that in time we called classmates, to call them friends afterwards. People who marked our lives, and for sure we marked theirs. From all of you we have learn something, because every person is different.
With the great excitement that now we undergo and proud of the performed labor, we dedicate this triumph to God Almighty, for guiding us through the right path that leads to knowledge and truth, to allow us to enjoy his generous blessings, for depositing faith in us that helped us to remain relentless in the conquest of the rough trails that lead to success. We also thank him for the locked

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