Graduation Speech: A Separate Peace

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"Right here, this was it" Jonathan says. He points to a regular looking tree. "That 's what you said about the last three" Mike says. "I know, but this has to be it. Just try it" He says. Shelley crouches down in front of tree. Ready to give her whole speech. "Eleven, I remember the first time I met you. I remember thinking, thank god someone else like me is in here. Then I found out you weren 't like me. You were much, much more than me. I could see it in your eyes, that you were stronger. You were fighting guys off of you who were trying to take you away. Yoh wouldn 't let them, and that gave me so much strength. It made me think that maybe I could make it out too. I 've said this many times before. I hope you 've been able to hear us…show more content…
"Mike" Shelley says. "Elle deserves so much better, but everyone around her uses her. They don 't appreciate her, like I do. If only I could 've saved her. I should 've done something" He says. He throws his head into his hands, wiping his tears. "Mike" A voice from behind him says. He whips around to see Elle, standing there covered in dirt. She looks as if she 's been through hell and back. Her legs are shaking as she gets closer. Mike runs up to her and grabs her just as she 's about to fall. "Oh my gosh" Shelley says. Elle looks up at her. "I 'm sorry" Elle cries. Mike holds her tighter. Not letting her go for anything. They head out of the woods, Jonathan was carrying Elle on his back. When they got close to the edge they saw a pair of headlights emerge. They quickly moved behind some trees so they wouldn 't be seen. As the figure got closer they could clearly see who it was. "Hopper?" Jonathan says. The man jumps suddenly and clutches his chest. "What are you guys doing-" He starts to ask. He quickly stops when he sees who they are with. He looks around them, as if someone was watching them. "We need to go, now" He says. Hopper and the kids all head towards the street. They run all the way there. Hopper, Elle, and Mike get in Hoppers car. He tells the kids to follow him to his house. They speed off,
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