Graduation Speech: Amazing Mail Race

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Hello, my name is Colin Balnave, I’m a seventh grader from Norup International School, the middle school you decided to mail a letter to. I have decided to join the “Amazing Mail Race”, and I was very interested in the idea of that. As I said before, my name is Colin Balnave. I love playing tennis, soccer, and football. I other favorite hobby other than sports is video games. I’m always playing right after school. My brother, Liam, he plays on our Xbox 1, whilst I play on the Playstation 4™. I like playing games that have a story with my friends. One of their names is Aaron. He loves playing hockey and computer games. My birthday is March 9, 2003. I was a day late, which for some reason makes me mad.
Our school Norup International is known
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We have three schools, Burton Elementary, Norup International (the school I go to now), and Berkley High School. We have tennis courts, track fields, basketball courts, and a recreational center where you can play ping-pong or pickleball. Pickleball is a sport in between tennis and ping-pong, where you play with a wiffle ball. We have a pool that opens during the summer to anyone who has a card, and card people can bring friends from out of town. There’s also a library to check out books and use the computers if you don’t have one at home. I have some friends where we play a whole game of tennis every weekend, which takes almost 2 hours!
I live in the state Michigan. Our nickname is the “Great Lake State” and our capital is Lansing. Our sports teams originate in Detroit. They’re the Lions, Red Wings, Tigers, and coming soon the Detroit F.C. The name Detroit comes from a French name meaning strait for all the rivers and lakes Michigan has gotten. Michigan has all these lakes because back when there was glaciers over Michigan, they scraped into the ground and deposited sediments and melted ice to create the Great Lakes.
Thank you for writing to us. It was such a surprise when we got a letter from Albany, Louisiana that I had to write
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